Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Real Old REAL Robots Vintage Toys Grow Up (Meet the Press)

In Order of Appearance!

"Mechanical Man" made by Patrick Rizzo 1948

"Electric Eye Rastus Robot" Made by Dr. Phillips Thomas 1930

"Gismo" Made by Sherwood "Woody" Fuehrer and "Gismo" a year later enhanced with additional powers 1954

"Robetron" made by Donald Rich 1957

"Televox" made by Roy Wensley 1928

Six Original 8 x 10 Press Photos 1928 to 1957 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Great post! Come visit june 6th or 7th for Sculpture in the Garden Show.....some robots will be showing up!

  2. Thanks for posting the image of Rastus. Where did you get such a crisp image?